Woman who gave birth to 44 kids, wants more

A woman in Uganda has made the headlines for achieving what most women may deem impossible, especially for her age.

Mariam Nabatanzi is a 41-year-old who has 44 children whom she is raising by herself. Nicknamed Mother Uganda or Mother Africa, Nabatanzi disclosed she would not stop giving birth.

Nabatanzi said all of her children were a product of her relationship with one man, who abandoned her, as reported by Afrimax English.

She gave birth to her first child when she was only 13 years old after being sold to her parents to a 57-year-old man.

“I gave birth 15 times. I gave birth to five quadruplets five times. For twins it would have been six times, but a set died, so it is five times too,” she said.

Seven children alone Despite being forced into marriage at 12, Mariam did not rule out either falling in love more or delivering more babies. “If I had a chance to meet a good man, I would be glad to produce more babies because giving birth is not bad. Childbearing is a gift from God,” she stated.

Growing up, Nabatanzi did not know what life held for her, but she knew how many children she wanted. “I wanted to give birth to only seven children,” she noted.

More children coming

Nabatanzi said she wanted five children and named them her deceased brothers’ names, one with her name and another with her husband’s. “God made it happen, and in just two times, I already had seven children,” Nabatanzi revealed.

She went to the doctors to shut her womb and even used contraception methods to prevent getting pregnant, but all was in vain. “So if I have an understanding man, I will have more children,” Mariam joyfully said.