Woman burns 8-year-old boy with electric iron for eating Ghs 0.75 groundnut

Woman burns 8-year-old nephew with electric iron for eating her groundnut

The heartbreaking incident happened at Anantigha, Nigeria’s Calabar South, on Sunday, August 16.

She questioned the 8-year-old boy about the groundnut which reportedly cost 50 Naira (Ghs0.75), then plugged in an electric iron and used it to burn his back and buttocks.

As if that was not cruel enough, she refused to give him food.

According to Lindaikejisblog.com, old scars on the boy’s burnt fingers also revealed that it isn’t the first time she has abused him since he started living with her about three years ago.about:blank

The Principal Counsel for Basic Rights Initiative, James Ibor Esq told the Vanguard on Monday, August 17 that his outfit received a call from Girl Power Initiative, GPI, about a lady who had been assaulting her nephew with a hot iron, burning stove and other hot objects.

According to Ibor, she plugged an electric iron and burnt the boys back and buttocks because he ate the N50 left-over groundnut and that was not the first time that such was happening.

“From what the boy has told us, which is also very visible, he has been tortured and traumatised, and the boy is in serious pain. From here we are taking him to a medical facility where he can get adequate care.

“We have written to the Police and the state Ministry of Humanities and Social Welfare to enable us to take good care of him in our own shelter home because we cannot allow the child to go back to the aunty again.

“We have also invited the father because the mother is late. Further actions can be taken as he and two of his siblings live with the said aunty.

“It is unfortunate that this kind of dastardly act and injury can be inflicted on a child. Even if he ate the groundnut, there is no justification for this kind of wickedness,” he said.