Western Togoland separatists feeding public with distorted history of seccession

A renowned Ghanaian historian, Kweku Darko Ankrah says members of separatist group, Homeland Study Group Foundation need to rethink the history of secession attempts in the Volta Region.

According to him, the activities of the group have, by far, shown a clear distortion of history which has to be urgently corrected.

Speaking on Citi TV’s The Point of View, Mr. Ankrah, who wants a dialogue between state authorities and the group said, the recent attacks proves a lack of understanding of the real issues, which also smacks of other hidden intentions.

“When it comes to the issues of repression, you have to use two approaches. First, since the militancy has come in, they need to be engaged. They will realize that most of the claims they have been peddling around and feeding the public, who do not know the underlying issues, are not true. But when we engage them transparently, the issues themselves will come. For example, how do you move to those two areas that are traditionally not part of Transvolta Togoloand and make a claim? Some of their activities have amplified what they want to do.

Tracing the formation of the Homeland Study Group Foundation as far back as 1984, the historian narrated how a failed secessionist attempt occurred during Former President, Jerry John Rawlings’s era.

“In 1984, the activities of secessionists emerged again after Rawlings had brought them down. There was a man called Ben Kofi Kudjie, he founded a group called the Movement for a Resurgent Togoland (Moreto) to engage in the study and research about the Ewes. He came to Ghana from Togo to come and set the agenda but Rawlings did not accept his view of secession, so he was arrested and when he was released, fled to England for a PHD to study the Togoland movement very well and re-emerged to become a mouthpiece for the articulation of these secessionist agenda. Unfortunately, he died. Where Ben Kofi Kudjie left off, is where this Homeland Study Group people come in. They took over from him”, he said.