We want a monument in honour of Capt. Mahama – Family

The family of slain Captain Maxwell Mahama has appealed to the government to build a monument in his honour.

The family said they “want a monument to be built anywhere in Ghana in his name so remember and that in our lifetime we don’t want to see anything of this sort again.”

They expressed their appreciation for the public support but insisted that the incident should not be politicised.

“The family is happy so far with what is going on. People are speaking about these issues and we are saying let us take politics out of this. This crime has no colour. It can happen to anyone,” the spokesperson said when a delegation from Parliament visited the family Thursday.

Captain Maxwell Mahama, who was with the 5th Infantry Battalion was lynched while jogging in the morning on Monday.

He was allegedly stoned to death and burnt by the youth of Denkyira-Obuasi who mistook him for an armed robber.

Capt. Mahama was Commander of about 100 officers who were sent to the Denkyira Obuasi township to guard a mining site.

On their part, the leadership of Parliament expressed condolences to the family.

The Speaker of Parliament, Professor Mike Ocquaye, said Parliament will encourage the government to grant their request of erecting a monument for the fallen soldier.

“This death is not your’s alone. It is a national affair. This is a man the nation had clothed in uniform to work for us… We have heard of this request for a monument for this young man.

“For Parliament and the leaders here, we are listening with very good ears and we trust that it will even go beyond that, and with the support of government, we expect that something will be done to take care of them as a gesture of respect for a fallen hero,” he said.

Source: joyonline