We allowed Christabel’s nudity because of her career – Family

A family member of controversial actress Christabel Ekeh says they are aware that society frowns on acts of nudity but they allowed her because of career.

In an interview with Joy News’ MzGee on Showbiz This Week, Adu Twumwaa, who is the aunt of the actress said her niece is not mentally ill as most people are saying.

Her comments follow the controversy and public backlash a few days after the actress released photos of herself posed nude.

There were lots of talk about Christabel Ekeh not being mentally sound and needing psychological examination.

But Twumwaa said the nude photos circulating on social media was aimed at an advocacy against plastic surgery.

“We know that society frowns on that but when people started saying that Christabel was mentally ill, it made us go wild. We know it’s a career she has chosen and we allowed her?”

“Christabel is not ill,” she added.

The sister of Christabel, Tabitha revealed that she took off her the actress Instagram page because she has access to her page but did not know what was going on when the pictures were uploaded.

But entertainment pundits have questioned this assertion. Earlier, the actress had told MzGee, a different story about how the Instagram page was pulled down which is different from Tabitha’s.

According to Christabel Ekeh, her Instagram handle was pulled down after she posted the first nude pictures.

Source: joyonline