Watch Video: Soldier lashes driver, mate for wrongful parking at 37

A driver and his mate endured some painful strokes of a cane on Friday morning from a man in military uniform at 37 for allegedly violating road traffic regulations.

An amateur video footage available to showed the man in uniform subjecting the driver’s mate to some lashes, having instructed him to bend.

Reports say that the two were being punished for wrongfully parking at the 37 branch of Total filling station to pick a passenger.

Picking a passenger anywhere besides a designated bus stop violates the country’s road traffic regulations but most drivers especially in the country’s capital, Accra, blatantly violate this regulation, stopping to pick passengers or allow those onboard to alight at undesignated areas.

37 in Accra, is a military zone, hosting various military installations including the Military Hospital, Burma Camp, Airforce Officers’ mess among others.

Amateur video:

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