Video: Elephant holds Tourism Minister hostage at Mole Park

A familiarization visit to one of Ghana’s biggest natural parks, the Mole National Park, took an unexpected turn when the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture and her entourage were taken hostage by an angry elephant.

Catherine Afeku, together with a team, was in the Northern region on Saturday to acquaint herself with some tourist sites in the region.

After visiting the Larabanga Mosque and the Mystic Stone in the West Gonja district, the team headed to the Mole National Park when the expected happened.

A siren from the Minister’s convoy attracted an elephant midway through their journey in the park.

For over 30 minutes, the convoy was held hostage and was at the mercy of the elephant. A tour guide’s frantic attempts to calm the elephant and to move it away from the scene proved futile.

After about 30 minutes, a lull which looked like a reprieve proved a hoax when the elephant started chasing the minister and her entourage just as they were about to leave the scene.

Gripped by fear and panic, some persons could be heard screaming “it’s coming to us.”

The situation was so dire, even police officers were gripped by fear. One policeman leading the convoy on a motorcade was seen fleeing the scene.

Watch a video report of the incident compiled by TV3:

Source: Newsbos/Joyonline/TV3