Video: Anas Strikes Again; Exposes ‘Rogue’ Police Officers

Activities of corrupt Police officers have been brought to the fore following the latest investigative piece by ace investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

The investigative work dubbed “Bad Cops”, the last part of the Tiger Eye PI’s “Ghana’s Soul Takers” documentary, reveals the role some police personnel play in the various forms of chaos that happens on Ghana’s roads.

The investigative piece provides visual evidence of police officers extorting money from offenders. In some instances drunk drivers were left off the hook after they paid monies to some police officers.

The about one-hour documentary details how some miscreants among the Police Service use their job to perpetrate wrongful acts that go against the mandate and principles of the Service.The latest investigative piece comes after the celebrated Journalist shook the foundations of the Judiciary after some notable Judges were caught on tape taking bribe to influence cases before their courts.

Anas and his team hope the latest expose will inspire necessary reforms to tackle corruption in the police service.

Below is the video of Bad Cops


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