Upsurge in crime leaves Kasoa residents terrified

Residents of Kasoa in the Central Region say they are living in fear after a robbery operation last month resulted in the death of a 17-year-old boy and others injured.

Brother of the deceased, Abubakar Abdul Kadiri suffered gunshot wounds both in the arm and leg.

He told Joy News’ Maxwell Agbagba the attack was carried out late in the night when the whole town was asleep.

“My younger brother woke me up and told me some people were inside the compound,” Kadiri opened up to the reporter.

He said when he got to the porch he heard one of the robbers telling his colleagues to give him a gun.

The armed men entered his room with little resistance and shot and killed his brother after they had taken what they wanted.

The ‘Big Man’ town robbery incident is one of the many attacks recorded in Kasoa since the start of the year.

Last Sunday, a Mobile Money operator by name Florence was attacked while preparing to close her shop.

“They came here around 8 pm to 9 pm and all of a sudden all we saw was that they came inside and took whatever they want to take,” she said.

She said the men made away with her sales for the day, credit cards, mobile phones and personal laptops.

“They even took the waste we had generated for the day,” testifying to what the armed groups are capable of doing.

President of the Association of Concerned Kasoa Residents, Amadu Tuareg believes the influx of foreigners in their community is to blame for the increase in crime incidents.

“When you look at the situation we have a lot of foreigners here, young boys and you don’t know what they do but you go to the big estates and they are those occupying it,” he said.

But the Kasoa District Police Commander, Superintendent Stephen Ahiatafu told Joy News’ Israel Laryea Thursday crime is not as rampant as the residents claim.

“There are areas these [crimes] are happening,” he said, adding the nature of road networks are bad that it impedes efforts of the police.

“I have been there myself and we find it difficult even after the event to locate the house,” Superintendent Ahiatafu said of Big Man town.

He said he has discussed with the Assembly and the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) about the possibility of improving on the residential address system as well as the road network.

Source: Joyonline