_(Forgiveness Without Forgetfulness Is Equal To Unforgiveness)_ Gen50:17- 21


It baffles me when people say they have forgiven you of a wrong act and still remind you of the things you did in the past.

What is true forgiveness then? Psalm 130:3 says, if the Lord should mark iniquity, who can stand? Forgiveness is not by words, but by demonstration, this is true Christianity! _Forgiveness Without Forgetfulness Is Equal To Unforgiveness_ .UNFORGIVENESS hinders prayer a lot. It separate and limit the move of the spirit of God in our life.

Finally UNFORGIVENESS is a leading sin that leads to other sins, example, ( unforgiveness leads to malice then to backbiting then to hatred then to murder) at the end something involving two people would have connected numerous people making a chain of sin that might even become a generational sin.


My dear I know it is not easy to forgive. It takes prayer and a touch by the Holy Spirit to do so. That is why those who walk in the flesh find it difficult to forgive. Honestly, unforgiveness is one of the things that will prevent a lot of people from going to heaven.

Listen, it takes GRACE. Trust me people who say I have forgiven you but I will or can’t forget, may not know the word as you think and not all church goers are Christians. We also have Christians who KNOW the word from Genesis to Revelation but do not APPLY it. God help us.

FORGIVENESS and LOVE are demonstrable.