UDS student electrocuted to death

A level 100 student of the University for Development studies (UDS) Navrongo campus, Fusenu Mohammed Amin Saha has been confirmed dead after being electrocuted while on a mango tree on Saturday 18th March, 2017 on campus. According to an eyewitness, Mr. Abdallah Sadique, the deceased, a biochemistry student resident at Savanna Hall climbed a mango tree on campus to pluck some mangoes but was unfortunately electrocuted by a high-tension electric cable. “It was around 5:30pm on Saturday evening that I [Abdallah Sadique] went to pray at the mosque and met the deceased [Fusenu Mohammed] plucking mangoes with a metal rod from the ground. He [the deceased] later told me that he was feeling lazy to cook or go and buy food so he wants to climb the tree and plugckmangoes. Mr. Sadique said, the deceased went ahead to climb the tree with the metal rod in hand trying to pluck the mangoes. “Right after the prayer, I heard a sound coming from within the tree so I looked up and only to realize that the deceased was suspending on the branches of the tree” The eyewitness said he suspected the deceased was electrocuted by the metal rod which accidentally touch the high tension electric cable while plucking the mangoes. Fusenu Mohammed Amin Saha was pronounced dead on arrival at the Navrongo War Memorial Hospital. – 

Source: citifm