The Spirit of God needs your body

And as such He is a divine being, God is a spirit so it’s not difficult for Him to see and hear. When He is operating as a spirit on Earth he needs a body to enter before he can act perfectly.

So when God wanted to restore human being back to his original state, and to reconnect us to himself, so we can have a better relationship, He entered into a virgin lady called Mary.
The spirit of God came upon Mary the virgin and she conceived and had a son called Jesus the saviour of the world.
So Jesus Christ being fully human needed the spirit that is greater than the spirit of man, so he can operate fully on earth.

Brethren no child of God can operate fully and fulfil his God given destiny on earth if he’s not filled with the spirit of God.
So when a child of God becomes save we say he or she is born of the spirit again.

When Jesus Christ was baptised in water, it didn’t end there, he was also baptised in the Holy Ghost.

So the question is are you filled with the spirit of God. And are you baptised in the Holy Ghost?
Christian must start operating and living in the spirit more, and stop functioning and operating in the flesh.
No spirit filled child of God can operate in the spirit and the flesh at the same time.
If you are into any sexual immoral act such as: (kissing, fingering, smooching, oral sex masturbating, abortion, pornography materials, sex, homosexual, lesbianism, bestiality, incest, etc)… and telling lies(deceit) then you are operating in the flesh and will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Anyone having the spirit of God and operating in the spirit: have the following virtues, love, joy, patience, goodness, self control, Etc.. A spirit filled child of God has made a covenant with God that anything that won’t glory God, he or she will not indulge himself in worldly things.
A spirit filled person doesn’t lie, bare false witness against his neighbor, gossip, controls his or her anger level, doesn’t hate people and feel offended,
A spirit filled person is careful of the words that Comes out of his mouth.

Brethren as soon as Jesus Christ was filled with the spirit he went out with fire, and power of the Holy Ghost, doing good,
Anyone filled with the Holy Ghost is no longer a human being living here on earth, but he is an adopted child of God living in the kingdom of Heaven as a Co heir to the throne.
Any spirit filled child of God doesn’t fear demons, sickness, death, poverty, etc… because his authority is in Christ Jesus and not the president of his nation.
So from the day you gave your life to Christ, your body is dead to worldly things and now the spirit is activated to operate fully on earth and to work for the kingdom of God, So the Holy Spirit becomes fully functional in you.
A spirit filled person doesn’t fear job loss or miscarriage or singleness because he knows the God he or she serves and knows the spirit in her.
Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords:
He passed through all these things for our seek.

So when the spirit of God enters you, it means you have being bought with Jesus’ blood.

And when the spirit of God becomes fully functional in you, certain places the Holy Ghost will not permit or allow you to go. Places like, beach, disco, sex parties, worldly occasional functions, demonic festivities. The spirit of God in you won’t permit you to listen to certain types of songs and watch certain nasty things etc…

So my brothers and sisters, this is the day the spirit of God needs your body to operate. Are you ready to avail yourself fully, are you ready to deny the fleshly lust and worldly pleasures and fully open your heart freely for the spirit of God to enter?
If yes then pray and tell God to show you mercy, repent of all your sins and invite Jesus Christ into your life now,
Afterwards tell God to fill you with his spirit forever.
In Jesus name Amen .@G-PEM

Pastor Raymond