“Another side of grace that we have relegated to the background is, giving back to God” … John Borham.


What have you given to God?

He has given you salvation, sanctification, Holy Ghost power, healing, protection, food, money, life that you don’t deserve… And you are happy rejoicing because God is by your side. Yes you’re right, But I ask again politely;


What have you given to God?

Do you pay your tithe and offering, do you give your time to God, do you show love, do you think about helping others… Or its always myself and I. Then if I get surplus I give to brothers, family,  community,  neighbors and church.


We have all failed in the other side of grace which is given. We quote foolishly as Christians; “each one for himself God for us all”. But Paul was telling the church at Corinthians (2Cor 8:1-6), we don’t have to get more and surplus before we give. He said the church at Macedonia were not having anything (poor) to the extent of calling it surplus but they gave with all their heart and even exceeding the limit.

What saddens me is that they were facing challenges and where in crises but they gave willingly not grudgingly…

Let’s bow down our heads and hearts in shame and pray to God for forgiveness…


And from now let’s give our LIFE to serve God, our TIME to serve GOD and man, let’s not be busybodies at our work places but dormant at church., give our MONEY to help Gods work,  help missionaries and evangelists to travel and reach out to others, give our LOVE. Help others to make it in life.

Let’s be grateful to God by investing in others.


I am sad because unbelievers give more to help people and Gods work more that believers and so called children of God. Why should it be so. Children of God arise and give and God will make you like Abraham, Jacob, and Solomon in Jesus name.

By Pastor Raymond David Addo