Teenager cuts off penis, testicles of Boy, 10

A 10-year-old boy in Nalerugu in the Northern Region is fighting for his life after a teenager allegedly chopped off his penis and testicles.

Waachibu Adam has reportedly gone through two surgeries but he is still struggling with excruciating pain.

According to the Wuni Jamil, uncle of the victim, Adam and his friend were on their way to school when the suspect Abdul Rauf, 19, allegedly called them to help him carry some firewood he had cut in a nearby bush but the boys refused.

He said Rauf then pounced on them but the victim was unlucky to have been caught and dragged him into the nearby bush. “He sat on the chest of the boy and started removing his organs. He even wanted to remove his tongue but the guy bit him and run away.

“When you look at him, there are some marks on his tongue, neck and the jaw. He was able to crawl to the roadside screaming for help and mentioning his [assailant’s] name,” he told Joy New’s Martina Bugri.

Mr Jumil said after the boy returned home and told them about what has happened to him, they went into the bush in search of Rauf.

Rauf was working on the family farm with his uncles and stepmother who had also heard the story about young Adam.

The assailant who was bloody from the gruesome act was then taken to the Chief’s palace where the police were also waiting to arrest him.

Rauf is now in police custody and investigations are ongoing.