Teachers impregnate 301 teenagers in Central Region

Teachers in the Central Region have been named among the top groups of people who impregnated teenage girls in the area in 2016. They are reported to have impregnated 301 of the 12,048 pregnant young girls in the region in 2016. Drivers, small-scale miners, and small-scale farmers are also among the top culprits responsible for teenage pregnancy in the region. This was revealed at the 2016 Ghana Health Service (GHS) performance review event held at the University of Cape Coast. Out of the 12,048 young girls who got pregnant in the region, small-scale farmers were responsible for 986 (19.3 percent) of them, while drivers were responsible for 676 (13.2 percent). Small scale miners were responsible for 397 (7.8 percent) of those pregnancies, while unemployed men were responsible for 353 (6.9 percent). Primary and secondary school teachers followed with 301 pregnancies, representing 5.9 percent of all teenage pregnancies in the Central Region in 2016. About 837 of the pregnant teenagers could not confirm the profession of their partners. According to the GHS, although the number of teenage pregnancies recorded in the year under review, indicated a decline from previous figures of 12,048 in 2015, and 13,355 in 2014, it was still “unacceptably high.” The Central Region has consistently topped the chart of regions with the highest number of teenage pregnancies in the country. A 2014 report on teenage pregnancy in Ghana compiled by the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, observed that people living along the coastal areas particularly the Central Region, and the Greater Accra Region, witnessed high rates of teenage pregnancy prevalence. About 231 of all teenage pregnancies were girls of age 14 and below. Meanwhile, 3,576 of the teenage girls are still single with 283 married to their partners.

Source: citifmonline