Tamale Catholic Church Bans motor riders without helmet into their premises.

The use of motorbike is arguably the most preferable way of travel for people in the Tamale metropolis. Although the use of motor bikes is on a sudden rise in southern Ghana, it is quite a characteristic of Tamale and a lovely spectacle at that, especially in the early mornings, to see large number of motorbikes whizzing along the streets and roads in the metropolis.

In a way of precaution due to the numerous accident cases resulting from the use of motorbikes, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Tamale and president of the Ghana Bishops’ Conference Most Rev Philip Naameh has issued a directive to all churches and Catholic institutions in the metropolis to prevent individuals riding motorbike without helmet from entering church setting.

The directive was contained in a memo released by the Bishop’s outfit which further revealed that parishes within the Archdiocese have lost precious lives of members most especially the youth in recent times through motorbike accidents and most of these victims were not wearing helmets at the time of those accidents.

“I am directing that henceforth, all Parish Priests, Parish Pastors, Council heads of Catholic institutions and security committees within the Tamale Archdiocese should clearly display a ‘No Helmet, No Entry’ in all churches and Catholic institutions premises all over the Tamale Archdiocese,” the release added.

Archbishop Most Rev Philip Naameh