Swine Fever: Over 15, 000 pigs killed in Ashanti

Pig farmers in the Ashanti region are demanding compensation from government after thousands of their pigs contracted the African swine fever.

The farmers say they now struggle to cater for their families because of the destruction to their animals.

The destruction of the pigs became necessary after the outbreak of Swine fever in parts of the country including the Greater Accra and Ashanti regions.

The Veterinary Services Department has also stated that it intends to ban the transfer of pigs following the outbreak of Swine fever in parts of the country.

According to the department, data available to them indicates that some pig farms in the Ashanti region have been affected.

Interacting with Ultimate News’ Ivan Heathcote–Fumador, the pig farmers called on government to provide some form of compensation for them because their livelihood has been cut after their pigs were killed.

According to Ivan, more than 15, 000 pigs have been slaughtered in the region with one farmer losing close to 8, 000 pigs which amounts to GHC500, 000 according to the farmer.

Another farmer who also interacted with Ivan also disclosed that he has lost about 3, 500 pigs due to the Swine Fever.

Source: Starrfm