Stepmother convicted after slashing 5-year-old’s hand

The woman who inflicted knife wound on the hand of her 5-year-old step-son leading to its amputation has been convicted of a fine of Gh¢ 1,020 or in default, go to jail for 18 months.

Efua Abeduwa pleaded guilty to the charge of causing harm to the boy at the Abura Dunkwa District Court. The court, presided over by Justice Anthony Tabiri Abebrese said he took into consideration the condition of the stepmother and the fact that she pleaded guilty to the charge.

Another accused person, David Mensah, the biological father of the boy, pleaded not guilty to the charge of abetment to the crime and has been remanded to prison custody to reappear on February 28, where a full trial will begin.

Third accused, Isaac Eduful, who treated the boy at his facility when the boy’s hand was almost decomposing, was also hauled before the court. The Prosecutors amended the earlier charge to include him since they believe he played a part in the boy’s current predicament. He pleaded guilty to the charge of abetment but with an explanation.

He told the court, the boy was brought to him on January 21 and even though, he did not have any license he had compassion on the boy and decided to treat him.

 Anthony Tabiri Abebrebrese then asked: “You are not a professional doctor; why did you do that?

Eduful responded: “My Lord, I had compassion on the boy.”

Anthony Tabiri Abebrese: “Do you have a license?”

Eduful: “I only have a certificate with the Ghana Homeopathy Medical Association,” he said, and presented the certificate to the judge.

Anthony Tabiri said he was not convinced by the certificate and ordered that it be destroyed.

“Why did you not refer the boy to a bigger facility then,” he quizzed the accused.

The court rejected his explanation that he had compassion on the boy and wanted to do something to help.

The judge convicted him of the offence and fined him 50 penalty units, equivalent to Gh¢600 or in default he will serve 12 months in jail.

Curious residents who filled the court Thursday expressed their disappointment with the punishment meted out to the stepmother after the court’s decision was announced. Some of them who spoke to Joy News said the punishment was too light considering the permanent damage caused to the boy.


The story as recounted by Joy News’ Richard Kwadwo Nyarko, had it that according to the accused she was going to farm with Isaac, the victim, who took the lead and defecated on the farm.

The deteriorating health of Isaac first came to public attention when two people who went to his village saw him and took him to Social Welfare. 

Doctors at the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital successfully amputated the hand of the five-year-old boy.

“The surgery was conducted Wednesday morning and the boy is receiving further treatment at the recovery unit of the hospital,” Kwadwo Nyarkop reported.

He added that little Isaac is in the company of social welfare workers and some staff of the hospital who are providing him with the needed emotional support.