STC To Manage Freddie Blay’s 275 Buses

Intercity STC Coaches Limited has been identified as the service managers for the 275 buses being procured for the New Party Party (NPP) constituency offices.

The acting National Chairperson of the NPP Freddie Blay is the guarantor for a banking facility aimed at procuring 275 buses for each constituency of the party for commercial purposes.

On Thursday, revealed that the chairman is to spend a whopping $11, 412, 500 – an equivalent of GhC52,846,171.65 – to secure the 275 buses for the party.

Documents available to reveal that Mr. Blay, who is serving as a “Guarantor” on behalf of constituency chairpersons of the NPP, who are Trustees of the transport facility, has made a 30% deposit of the contract price, which is equivalent to $3,000, 000 (GhC13,795,561).

According to the Guarantee in the possession of, STC will be in charge of services.

“The Trustees agree not to sell, or offer for sale, dispose of in any manner whatsoever, assign, mortgage, pledge, sublet or lend out the vehicles or in any way part with the vehicles or any interest therein but to keep the vehicles in the Service management’s (STC) possession, legal and physical and or under its (STC) control and to prevent the creation of any charge or lien thereon,” the document stated.

It added: “The Trustees agree that the Guarantor shall not be liable to third parties for the death, personal injury or any damage to property caused by the use of the Vehicles by the Service management (STC) for and on behalf of the Trustees.”The Managing Director of Intercity STC Coaches Limited Nana Akomea said there is no concrete agreement yet.

“It’s their plan and intentions. When they bring it we’ll consider it and see if it falls within our corporate strategies,” the former MP told

Meanwhile, some regional chairpersons of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) have accused Mr Blay of peddling falsehood on the purchase of the 275 buses for each constituency of the party for commercial purposes.

According to them, per the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)  for the Supply of Vehicles between the NPP and Senalie Group as well as the contractual agreement signed by the parties to the MOU the purchase of the vehicles was an agreement between the NPP and Senalie Group and not with the Acting Party Chairman,  Mr Blay.

Some of the chairpersons point to the fact that the acting chairman who is contesting the position of National Chairman position at the National Officers election of the NPP in July is misleading party delegates and the entire nation. They insist that they were forced to disclose the project to acting Chairman Blay at a point when there was a demand for a guarantor by the supplying company, possibly, the NPP particularly when the reference legal entity for the chairpersons is the legally registered party under the laws of Ghana.

Reacting to that assertion his spokesperson, Mr. Richard Nyamah said: “I’m saying if somebody dreams a dream, it doesn’t mean I haven’t dreamt that dream. You only get to know a dream had become reality when it becomes reality. So if someone had dreamt and Freddie had implemented it I don’t know why you think I should vouch for the one that had the dream.”

“If tomorrow there is a default on the payment of those buses who is to blame or whose name or properties will be attached; any of the properties or the trustees?” he asked.

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