St. Peter’s wins 3rd NSMQ title

St Peter’s have won this years NSMQ

The cores at the final round were


Adisadel- 39

Wass- 44

Persco- 45

The Problem of the day asked the contestants to describe how to solve a word problem.  As simple as it sounded it seems the grimaces from the contestants showed that it was no child’s play.  

The contestants albeit solving many word problems to reach the Grand Finale, they had a difficult task describing the process of doing that,

After three minutes of brain racking, the contestants presented their answers and WASS scored 3 points out of a total 10.  Both Adisdael College and St Peter’s SHS got 4 points; meaning Adisadel maintainesd their close lead.

In the Speed Race, two schools St. Peter’s and WASS have tied it on 22 pts. Adisco have a 3-point lead with 25. This round has been paricularly difficult especially for Peter’s who used the entire round to improve their first round performance by a point.

WASS would be happy to close down Adisco’s 5point gap to 3 as they plot a dagger from the back.

Adisdel College have a morale-boosting lead after picking up points dropped by WASS to just edge it over St. Peter’s at the end of the first round.

Apparently, WASS weakness is Adisco strength. End of 1st Round: St. Peter’s SHS – 21, WASS -17 Adisco -22pts.