Six arrested in Agogo for pushing stick into anus of suspected thief

A 79-year-old man, Francis Amoako, and five others at Agogo in the Ashanti Region, have been arrested for inserting a long and thick stick into the anus of a 16-year-old teenage boy they suspect to have stolen from a shop belonging to one of them.

The six persons, including the 79-year-old man, grabbed the teenage boy, tied his both hands to his back, tied his legs, and beat him without mercy after which they removed his boxer shorts and forcefully inserted the long and thick stick into his anus without applying any lubricant.

While they were inserting the stick into the young boy, they used their mobile phones to video the act.

The young boy, name withheld because of his age, was seen and heard in the video shouting very loudly for mercy as if he was being killed, but his attackers griped him firmly to the ground and made sure the stick had properly entered his anus.

The hapless boy did not return home after the ordeal and his mother, after searching for him without success, reported him missing to the Police.

While the police mounted a search for him, the video which captured him tied and a stick being inserted into him went viral.

The Police in Agogo managed to identify some of the persons in the video and went for them to help in investigations into the whereabouts of the boy and why they believed his anus deserved the presence of a thick and long stick without his consent.

The first person to be arrested was the 79-year –old man, and he confessed he was part of the persons who maltreated the young boy.

He then led the police to arrest his five other accomplices including 24-year-old Kwasi Marfo, 65-year-old Boakye Danquah, 53-year-old Osei Bonsu, 26-year-old Kofi Asadu and 30-year-old Obeng Mensah.

They claimed they only tied the boy and inserted the stick into his anus, after which they untied him and left him to go away.

The teenage boy has since being found and responding to treatment at the hospital, while the arrested six are still under police investigation.