Short Poem: GALAMSEY


They said the land is rich in gold
-hence the name Coast of gold
The greed of man has descended on you with the claws of eagles
-a vulnerable prey
Everyone in a hurry to get a piece
Digging you deep to your grave
-your blessing, a sudden curse
Our colonial wounds have refused to heal
-a neglect of lessons of our struggles to freedom

Galamsey! Our new master!

We have all gone to sleep
While cyanide seeps through the thighs of your rich evergreen
Squashing your innocence in rapid rush
Oh mother land, sacred land of our forefathers
Sorry cannot explain our misgivings
As we seek to correct our headlessness as chickens in leadership

Galamsey! Our new master!

Source: #TitanE
©All Copyrights Reserved 2017