SEVEN reasons why the CHRISTIAN CHURCHES of today has DISAPPOINTED GOD: 2, Lizards

Lizards in the Christian Churches today.

Most Christians and Men of God live their lives as if they created themselves and end up destroying their temples (bodies).

Fornication, adulatory, thievery, lies, fashion, worldly dances, occult practices etc is very common in the churches today.


We can’t help God, let’s allow Him to show us the way to eternity.

Today pastors operate work within their gift but rather go and seek for powers to minister their congratulations, thereby making themselves popular with big unusual names with flashy cars. They claim to hear from God, they claim they see God, they’re best prophets and number one apostles in the world. They don’t teach the true gospel of Christ because they are fake and lairs who are after their own personal gains and not the Sheep and their salvation.


Unnecessary consultations, prayers, prophecies , divinity and magical Healings had occupied the churches leading members to satanic rituals.

The devil is right in the churches.

Building huge edifices with air-conditioning and calling them big names does mean God is in there.

They call for spiritual directions and end up into bed (Sex) with innocent members who come to seek spiritual helps.

Most Church leaders and members do commit evil but its seen as normal. Seductive dresses and provocative wear is referred to a FASHION and it has taken over the churches, who can complain? Oh God have mercy.

Jesus is coming soon, He is coming soon. I want  Christians to seek God in truth and in spirit.

Follow me tomorrow. God bless you.

By Pastor Raymond David Addo