SEVEN (7) reasons why the CHRISTIAN CHURCHES of today has DISAPPOINTED GOD: 1, Money



1. Money ,Money , Money.(1 Timothy 6:10)

Today’s Christian church is virtually a business entity where money is the main focus.

Churches of God now a days concentrate on how to extort money from members in the name of offering, special offerings, harvest, ministry programs, sales of so called anointing oils , special water, chains and many more thereby enriching themselves and forgetting the mission statement of Christ.

Mission statement of Christ:

1. Share the word of God to all nations (Soul Wining)

2. Help the poor

3. Love one another

4. Put on the whole amour of Christ which is personal protection and deliverance.

Thievery and fraud had engulfed the churches and who dare you to talk about it.

I tell you churches of God go back to core principles of our founding Fathers and walk their walk and stop misleading people. Today sinners mock and laugh cos they know when u have money u r respected even in the christian churches. When people absent themselves from church services and u ask them why, they most of the time say it Money.

The question is why should lack of money deter or stop someone from coming to the presence of God.

Today 30% of the word is being preached in churches 70% concentrated on money making.

The membership are poor no one cares but they lure the poor by telling them the more you give the more God blesses you. It a pity.

God says I should warns pastors, church leaders, evangelist and many more to desist from their canal ways and yearn for the true words of God in the scriptures and also teach the truth to the sleep. He is coming soon he says, he is coming soon.

This is hard Truth but am not ashamed to say and tell world.

The devil is right in the churches today, the presence of God is gradually being shunned becos of the worldliness  in the Christian Churches.

Be warn Christ is watching from a distance,you can ignore Christ here on earth but not His judgement.

Churches of God, stop doing business, stop enriching yourselves, feed the sheep with the true word and above all let them feel at home even in the house of God. Let me end here. Tomorrow I have another point for you. Watch out brethren. Credit (Reubenroy Nee).


Follow me to know the Truth. God bless you all.

By Pastor Raymond David  ADDO.