Sam George schools Sammy Gyamfi on compulsory vaccination policy

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP for Ningo-Prampram, Sam George, has lashed out at his party’s communications officer, Sammy Gyamfi, for kicking against the government’s decision to make COVID-19 vaccination compulsory for all travellers leaving and visiting the country.

Reacting to the Ghana Health Service’s directive, Gyamfi said “vaccination must be by choice and not by force,” adding that the directive is an affront to the 1992 Constitution and pledged to use every legitimate means possible to resist the “madness, no matter the cost or stigma.”

However, in a sharp response on Twitter, George said the policy is constitutional and a good step taken by the Akufo-Addo-led government to protect Ghanaians.

“Compulsory vaccination upon entry to the Republic? Infringement of rights or public health policy? This is sound public health policy and a very good step by govt. I support it and hope it is implemented vigorously. Public health considerations supersede personal liberties,” George tweeted.

The former Minister of Communications, Dr Omane Boamah, has also supported the government’s decision.

“Over the weekend, friends have asked me if it is right (legal/ethical) for Government to vaccinate Ghanaians ‘by force’ (compulsory vaccination)?” he posted.

“Me: Yes, the Public Health Act states so. It is not only legal but also an act to protect you, your family … friends and everyone.

“Therefore, please avail yourself to be vaccinated so long as you don’t have a condition which makes it impossible for you to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.”

With Only 1.4 million people out of Ghana’s population of 30 million fully vaccinated, the government will hold a vaccination drive in December after which the vaccine will be mandatory for employees in all arms of government, health workers, security personnel, staff and students of secondary and tertiary education, and commercial drivers subsequently.

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