Robber shoots accomplice, bolts with booty

Tahiru Sulemana’s dream or sharing the booty from a robbery with his partner in crime, Kofi Adu, alias Anointing, turned gruesome when Adu allegedly turned his gun on his accomplice and escaped with the spoils of their crime.

With GHȻ2,910 and ten expensive mobile phones to split between them, Adu was not excited about the prospect of sharing the snatched items and allegedly shot 26-year-old Sulemana.

Sulemana survived the attack but sustained multiple wounds from the gunshot.

Briefing the Daily Graphic in Oda on Wednesday, the Oda Municipal Police Commander, Superintendent of Police Mr Samuel Ntosoh, said around 11 p.m. last Sunday, a United States-based Oda citizen, Mr Emmanuel Boateng, and his girlfriend were returning to his house behind the Oda Community Nurses Training School alter buying food from town.

He said after opening the gate and parking his private car, Mr Boateng became worried that his girlfriend who had got down from the vehicle to open the gate to the house had kept long in entering the house and so he went out to see what had happened to her.

Mr Ntosoh said to Mr Boateng’s surprise, the woman had been taken hostage at gunpoint by men suspected to be armed robbers.

He said the two robbers took all the money Mr Boateng and the girlfriend had on them.

According to him, the robbers also marched the two to Mr Boateng’s bedroom, where they seized GHȻ2,000, in addition to six expensive mobile phones.

Mr Ntosoh stated that while robbing Mr Boateng and his girlfriend, the robbers spotted a young man by name Charles Ampomah who had closed from his shop and was going home.

The two did not spare Ampomah but attacked him and took his mobile phone and a bunch of keys.


From there, a lady by name Ms Grace Domena, who was on her way to meet her visitor, was also taken hostage by the robbers, who suspected that she might have witnessed the robbery and, therefore, kidnapped her at gunpoint.

 They allegedly took her to the compound of the Oda Ridge Experimental School where they shared their booty in her presence.


Mr Ntosoh said after sharing the booty, Adu fired a gunshot at close range, injuring Sulemana in the forehead and Ms Domena in the knee.

He said as Sulemana fled for his dear life, Adu chased him and fired at him again.

For fear of being killed by his partner, Sulemana fled, leaving his share of the booty behind, which was taken by Adu, who also ran out.

The Municipal Police Commander said Ms Demena’s screams for help attracted some Good Samaritans who rushed her to the Oda Government Hospital for treatment.


He said Ms Domena met Sulemana at the hospital being attended to by medical personnel and she raised the alarm that he was one of the armed robbers who had taken her hostage and shot her in the knee.

Mr Ntosoh stated that a report was made to the police patrol team, which immediately arrested Sulemana and sent him to the Oda District Police Headquarters.

Police have mounted a search for Adu.