Relationship Facts

Love Each Other – This involves caring, loving and supporting each other. As partners you must be supportive and be there for each other. If your partner is hardly available when you need him or her,  without any tangible reason, then that can be a cause for concern. You would have to be cautious, especially during courtship and you are the type who prefer your partner to be there for you most of the time. Would you have a problem if that never changes? You have to be committed and love each other through thick & thine.

Keep Communication Open – Be very clear in your expectation of each in your relationship  through communication. Do not make assumptions that your partner would know what you want. Communication is very important in ensuring lasting relationships. There is no harm in repeating yourself each time there is the need to do. You are better off doing so than making assumptions.

Abstain From Lies –  The truth brings honesty and trust. For lasting relationships, partners must always tell each other the truth no matter how it hurts. Being truthful helps you to be careful of your actions as you would not like to hurt each other’s feelings by hiding the truth.  Many relationships end up with bitter break-ups because of lies. Let your partner know the friends you hung out with for instance, where you are likely to be when you are not with each other. A relationship that is built on lies is more likely not to last.

Forgive and Forget Each Other Easily – Always remember that, the one who is closer to you is more likely to hurt you. Simply because he or she is closer to you than anyone else. No one is perfect including yourself. If you know and understand this fact, you would easily forgive and forget. Forgiving and forgetting means letting go offences and hurts; and not making references to them all the time. Such references do not help. How many times should you forgive? As many times as long as you are in the relationship. However this does  not warrant you to consistently make the same mistakes all the time.

Apologise Like You Mean it – Whenever you are at fault accept it, apologise and move on. Do not drag issues or misunderstandings, it does not help in building a lasting relationship. Any time you are apologising, do it like you really mean it, not because you have to do it.

Do Not Portray To be the Perfect One – No one is perfect including yourself. Do not be quick to point out your partner’s mistakes, portraying yourself as the better partner all the time. Be accommodative and tolerating. In pointing out a partner’s mistake, do so in love, not anger and exactly how you would like be treated if you were the one at fault.

Be Aware of Each Other’s Feelings – Do not be a selfish partner, who is quick to talk about their feelings but not interested in their partner’s. This does not facilitate a lasting relationship. Make a conscious effort to be interested about each others feelings. Do not hide your feelings from each other, thinking your partner would know. Communicate your feelings, for instance, talk about what makes you happy or angry. This would help both of you to tolerate each other. Remember to be relaxed and enjoy each other’s company. Being in a relationship is not about fault finding, fighting or quarrelling but rather sharing your love, being committed and being there for each other.