ReaderApp: The app which helps authors to make money off their ebooks

Launched on Google Playstore on 1st January, 2019, ReaderApp is a publishing platform for authors and publishing companies to make money. This app is an app which seeks to challenge the traditional publishing process of printing books. 

ReaderApp helps self published authors and publishing houses to publish their books freely on their wonderful app. In the era of COVID19 were social distancing and wearing of masks has become a necessity, ReaderApp is the surest way to still make money as a writer. 

To publish your book on ReaderApp, download it from Google Playstore by searching “ReaderApp” or by simply clicking and download. Self published authors should sign up as “Author Individual” while Publishing firms should sign up as “Author Publishing.”

To publish a book on ReaderApp, all you need is your book in PDF format and the cover art of your book. Publishing your book on ReaderApp 3y3 free of charge. Sika tua bia nnim.  Get ReaderApp and explore the wonderful world of publishing and reading