Rawlings Must Respect John Mahama – Victor Smith

Former Ghana High Commissioner to the UK has called on former President Jerry John Rawlings to learn how to address ex-President John Mahama with respect and decorum.

According to Emmanuel Victor Smith, Rawlings must appreciate the fact that Mahama has also occupied the same office he once occupied for decades.

Mr. Smith was speaking in reaction to the former president’s attacks on Mahama and other stalwarts of the National Democratic Congress who allegedly turned up late for the 31st December Revolution commemoration in Ho, in the Volta region. Rawlings criticised Mahama for keeping him waiting at functions.

“He has not learnt the lesson of how not to be late for functions. Each time they keep me waiting just because of him. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t worry he will learn it,” Rawlings said.

But Mr. Smith insists, former president Rawlings’ remarks were not only inaccurate, but also disrespectful to the former president.

“I think the former president must respect John Mahama because they have both occupied the same offices before…he can’t be talking to him as if he’s some little boy,” he observed.

“Rawlings doesn’t have respect for those that came after him and this is evident in what he wrote in the late President Mills’ book of condolence, look at the kind of things he says about former president Kufuor and now see how he is treating John Mahama,” Smith opined.

Source: Abusuafmonline.com