Rape stunt won’t have gone viral if i didnt accuse you – Rosemond Brown to Medikal

After alleging that rapper Medikal attempted raping her, actress Rosemond Brown has revealed that the claim recorded in a video and shared on social media was a stunt.

Divulging the motive of the act on Showbiz A-Z on Joy FM with Naa Ashorkor on Saturday, she said the allegation was false but it managed to achieve its intended purpose.

Rosemond recounts meeting the rapper at an event at the Soho Bar in Accra where both exchanged pleasantries with the actress promising to ‘hype’ the artiste.”I met Medikal inside Soho. He saw me and hugged me…He said he loves everything I am doing…,” she said.

“For you to say this I am going to give you a hyping and trending video,” Rosemond Brown claims she said to Medikal.

According to her, though Medikal was unaware of what to come, he accepted the offer and thanked her.

The Instagram sensation admits that the allegation used as basis of the stunt was extremely dangerous.

However, she stresses that, had it not been for the allegation of rape, the video would not have gone viral for Medikal to make the headlines.

“I do videos for it to go viral. For instance if I hadn’t mentioned the rape in it [which is bad] the video wouldn’t have gone far,” she stated.

Medikal after the release of the video denied such an act and said that Rosemond Brown was only joking.