Raila Odinga to challenge election result in court

Kenya’s opposition leader Raila Odinga says he will mount a legal challenge to the result of last week’s presidential election, which he claims was rigged.

Mr Odinga, who was defeated by incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta, has accused the electoral authorities of fraud tantamount to “democracy’s slaughter”.

But foreign observers described the election as free and fair.

The international community has urged calm amid fears that the fraud claims could result in violence.

The official results gave President Kenyatta about 54% of the vote, and Mr Odinga 45%.

Mr Odinga, who had previously refused a court appeal against the outcome, said the opposition had collected concrete evidence of massive irregularities that were allegedly used to rig the vote.

“We have now decided to move to the Supreme Court to lay before the world the making of a computer-generated leadership,” he told journalists.

He also repeated his call for peaceful protests, saying Kenyans had the constitutional rights to demonstrate, strike and carry out acts of civil disobedience. On Monday, Mr Odinga’s strike request was largely ignored.

In 2013, Mr Odinga challenged the presidential results in the Supreme Court and lost. Now, he said, the court had an opportunity to demonstrate its independence.

“Our decision to go to court constitutes a second chance for the Supreme Court. The court can use this chance to redeem itself or, like in 2013, it can compound the problems we face as a country.”

Source: BBC