Whitefield was one of the most zealous preachers of the gospel the world has ever seen.

Fervent in spirit, instant in season and out of season, he was a burning and shining light that turned thousands to God.

Yet, he says, after preaching for thirty years, “Lord, help me to begin to burn.”

“Command the children of Israel, that they bring unto thee pure oil olive beaten for the light, to cause the lamps to burn continually” (Leviticus 24:2).


The Lord commanded the children of Israel, in our text, to bring in the highest quality of olive oil to cause the lamps in the Tabernacle of the congregation to burn continually.

He instructed Aaron, the High Priest to supervise both the quality and quantity of olive oil provided to ensure the fire does not go out, but burn continually upon the pure candlestick before the Lord.

In the book of Revelation, Christ explained the mystery of the candlesticks to signify the church of the living God (Revelations 1:20).

This clearly shows that the Lord wants His church to be zealous and fervent.

A painted fire cannot warm; a painted banquet cannot satisfy hunger; and a formal religion cannot bring peace to the soul.

It is curious and instructive to observe how history repeats itself, and how sameness there is in the human heart in every generation.

Many go to church to listen to sermons as a display of rhetorics, and eloquent preachers are cheered with clapping of hands, and stamping of feet.

It is almost like visiting the theatres and amusement parks of the world.

There is no heat in their religion.

Are you one of these people?


Being members of the established church is not enough, we must have the pure oil and pure fire in our lamps to ever have the hope of eternal life.

Christ was a burning and shinning light.

He declared: “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world” (John 9:5). Believers must not be cold and lethargic; we must have the constant supply of the oil of the Spirit in our lives continually till the Lord comes.

Let me ask you these questions, how quality is your oil ? Because the quality of your oil will depend on how flammable your fire will be and its brightness.

Do you go to church because everyone is going? Are you sure sincerely you are shining for Christ? Consider what the song writer said: Your life is a book before their eyes

They are reading it through and through say does it point them to Christ Let others see Jesus in you.

The church is not a refrigerator but an incubator.

By: Pastor Raymond Doe