Policeman assaults nursing mother in banking hall

A video has gone viral on social media about a policeman assaulting a nursing mother in a banking hall.

It is not clear yet what the woman has done. However, the angry policeman, Frederick Amanor Skalla, in a bid to drive her out of the banking hall assaults the lady with an umbrella, punches and slaps her as if he was in a fight for survival.The assault took place in the Banking Hall of the Midland Savings and Loans. It is not clear yet when it happened.

Mynewsbos.com investigations reveals that, the woman entered the bank few mins after 4pm yesterday and wanted to cash out 250¢ but was told it was past 4pm and they have closed so she should come back the next day . But she insisted she needed the money urgently. And this how the police could drive her out of the banking hall