Peki, Hohoe indigenes celebrate Gbidukorza festival with health walk

As part of activities to mark this year’s 22nd Gbidukorza festival which is celebrated among the people of Peki and Hohoe in the Volta Region, hundreds of indigenes of both towns converged on the Ayi Mensah toll booth to participate in a health walk.

The health walk, which is the first of its kind forms part of many other pre-festival activities ahead of the main event which comes off in the first week of December.

The walk, according to organizers, is aimed at getting participants to stay healthy as well as connect and socialise among themselves.

The General Secretary of Gbidukorza National steering committee, Korku Baka, told, that the walk is to get participants stay healthy as well as serve as a platform for networking between with indegenes from both traditional areas.

Mr. Baka explained that, the Gbidukorza celebration is a festival of re-unification between the people of Peki and Hohoe.

About Gbidukorza Festival

Narrating the history surrounding the Gbidukor festival, Mr. Baka noted that, the Gbi’s used to live in Togo under King Agorkorli until they decided to migrate.

He said it was during the migration process, that there was separation where some of the Gbi’s settled at Hohoe known as the ‘Gbi Dzigb3’, whilst others settled at Peki also known as the ‘Gbi Anyigb33.’

However, 22 years ago, the Traditional leaders from both Traditional areas initiated a process to come together and re-unite with their brothers and sisters hence the Gbidukorza festival.

He said the festival has been celebrated for the past 22 years, which has brought about peaceful coexistence and brotherhood among both indegenes.

“Gbiza is an annual festival which rotates between the two Traditional Areas, Peki and Hohoe, and each year the host receives its counterpart from the other Traditional area until the celebration is over.”

This year’s celebration, which is being hosted by the people of Peki, starts from the 1st of December to the 5th, 2017.

Activities outlined for the celebration includes ‘Miawoezor’, which is to welcome the indegenes from Hohoe on the 1st of December, which would be followed the next day by a grand durbar of chiefs and people of Gbidukor.

Mr. Baka called on all indegenes from both Traditional areas to endeavour to participate in this year’s celebration as it is a way to learn and observe the true traditions of Gbidukor.

Source: Citionline