Pay all footballers if you have dissolved GFA – Alhaji Grunsah

Owner of Kumasi-based King Faisal, Abdul Karim Grunsah, has asked government to pay all footballers in the country if it has dissolved the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

His disagreement with government stems from the 1992 Constitution which recognises the FA as a private organisation giving it an autonomous status.

“We are a registered association, so government can’t dissolve us just like that,” he said on Dwaso Nsem on Adom FM Friday.

According to him, the economic implication of the decision taken by government is going to be vicious as it will affect the immediate and extended families of the footballers.

Despite his personal grudges with the FA relating to some decisions that sent his club to relegation five seasons ago, the outspoken football administrator believes government should have known better and shouldn’t have taken that decision.

Alhaji Grusah’s comments follow President Akufo-Addo dissolving the GFA after a private investigative company, Tiger Eye PI documented rampant bribery and corruption in the game.

Sports Minister Isaac Asiama has confirmed the dissolution and said all its officers can no longer carry themselves as FA officials.

“It has been dissolved with immediate effect,” he told Joy News’ Evans Mensah on Newsnight on Thursday.

But Alhaji Grusah believes government is acting now because the President was mentioned in the Number 12 exposé.

“If things were going on well at the FA, I wouldn’t have gone to court…I have been speaking about the FA all along and what did government do? Is it because the president was mentioned in the video?” he quizzed.

According to him, successive governments have not helped the FA over the years and he does not understand why government is all concerned now when the writings have been on walls all along.

“You did not take care of your child and now you want to claim possession of him? Show me a government that has had an adviser on sports in its office aside from the Acheampong days” he questioned.

Alhaji Grunsah further explained how he has personally tried to conscientise government to come to the aid of the FA but all his efforts fell on deaf ears.

“I personally congratulated the Minister when he was appointed but he has never called me to ask me how to move the game forward?” he said.

He is also asking government and other people criticising Kwesi Nyantakyi’s not to confuse his role as a football administrator and businessman.