you ever been in a situation when you regretted for being a Christian? A Christian woman, out of pain and disappointment, shouted on her pastor, ”Where was God when He allowed my only child die when I had fasted and prayed?” Friends, What did Joseph do wrong? He was just sending food to his brothers and he was maltreated by them which eventually landed him into slavery.

”Ah, I’m serving God Almighty; I can’t sleep with you, Mrs Portiphar, you are not my wife.”

Just that, Joseph landed in prison. ‘

‘I will pray to my God; He is the only one I can trust.”

said Daniel only to be thrown into the Lion’s den.

Like Joseph and Daniel, we find ourselves in difficult situations.

You may have served God with all your heart, but no one has ever proposed to you for marriage; you may be barren, financially constrained despite your commitment to God.

Friends, sometimes, it may seems evil to serve the Lord, but never give up; keep on serving God because He is by your side.

Are you fed up of serving God because you have not passed your exams, gotten a child, married, gotten employment etc.? No, no, and no.

Be faithful to God till death; die at the cross of Jesus and He will give you a crown of life.

The Bible says, ”And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.

” Rom. 8:28. Still, trust in God for weeping may last for an evening but joy comes in the morning. God loves you.

By: Pastor Raymond