My greatest fear as a Christian  is come to a place where the Lord has left me and I didn’t know it.

(Judges 16:20) He awoke from his sleep and thought, “I’ll go out as before and shake myself free.”

But he did not know that the LORD had left him.

It can be a painful deception, so everyday I pray, Lord keep me true to your perfect will.

We can see clearly from Samson’s story that grace was unleashed more than enough to him but grace has a limit.


How many chances did God not give Samson to repent and amend his ways but he won’t.

Listen beloved, don’t allow this seemingly gospel of overstretched grace peddling around to influence you, grace has a limit. Selah.

Samson said I will go out as before and shake myself.

He thought grace still abound but grace detests carelessness.


Infact, Mr. Prayer warrior, you can go out and shout and quote all the scriptures without knowing your fire is extinguished.

Ministers,  Musicians or Worship leaders, are not exempted,  you can sing with the voice of an angel, preach, and organise a ground breaking worship programme and still not know that the Lord has left you.

That is why we all ought to watch our lives daily, Never assume you are safe if not Jesus wouldn’t have said many will come in my name saying Lord did we not do this or that in your name? What was his response?

Brethren, it doesnt matter the height  you may have attained, the Lord can leave you if you sin.

When the Lord leaves you, life can be frustrating, all open doors are closed including the heavens.

You become vulnerable to satanic attacks and influences. Please lets not get to the point where God will leave us.

So David was quick to plead. Cast me not away from thy presence Oh Lord.

Meaning show me enough mercy so that your fire and Glory doesn’t leave me lonely in this ferocious world.

What is life if God leaves me.

The writer of Hebrews says it is a dreadful thing to fall in the hands of the Lord.

We always say if God is for us who can be against us. How about if God is against us, who can be for us?


When the LORD left Samson, he lost his anointing, he lost his home, he lost his family, he lost his pleasure, he lost his freedom, he lost the woman he had fallen in love with, he lost his sight, he lost his calling and he lost his dream.

May God save us from getting to such a stage in our lives.

We may still be enjoying our grace period of GRACE but time may not be on our side.

He that has an ear let him hear the voice of the Spirit.



Create in me a clean heart and purify, purify me.

Create in me a clean heart so I may worship you.

Cast me not away from thy presence. Please don’t take your Spirit from me and restore the joy of salvation

So that I may worship you.

By:Pastor Raymond