Nii Funny caught in ‘robbery.’

Accra based musician – Nii Ardey Ankrah, popularly know as Nii Funny has been accused of ‘stealing’ a song.

The alligation was made by some fans believed to be from the camp of the Rebel Life Movement (Da Teshieboi fans) with some of their claims being that Nii funny is claiming ownership of a song believed/told to be a collaboration between the two artists (Da Teshieboi and Nii Funny). They supported their allegations with claims that Nii Funny has shot a video of the said song without the knowledge of Da Teshieboi.

Some also claim Nii Funny suggested that the track should be addressed as a feature, which Da Teshieboi disagreed.


Speaking to some of the fans by our news team, they complained bitterly that they saw this coming and cautioned the artist (Da Teshieboi) to take a step when they saw the download link to the song written as ‘Nii Funny feat Da Teshieboi’


They also said Da Teshieboi told them he spoke with Nii Funny concerning the link and he (Nii Funny) told him that it might be a mistake,but looking at Nii Funny’s action now, most of the fan believes he deliberately made the link as such and they (The fans) described that act as ‘Stealing/robbery.’



Speaking to Da Teshieboi on the issue, our team asked him why he is not in the video, and this was his answer : “Please, Funny will be in the best position to answer that.”


We’re yet to speak with Nii Funny or any of his team members on the issue.

Listen to the song here:




Written by KB.T.