Nigeria police arrest ‘serial rapist’

Police in Nigeria’s northern Kano state say a man suspected of being a serial rapist has been arrested.

Kano police spokesman Abdullahi Haruna told the BBC that the suspect had been detained in the town of Kwanar Dangor town, where there had been around 40 rapes over the last year.

Victims include an 80-year-old woman and children aged less than 10, he said.

A female resident of Kwanar Dangora, Halima Sani, told the BBC the news of the man’s arrest was a relief.

“Women in this town have been scared for long,” she said.

“No-one was safe – children, married or the elderly. We are grateful – now we can now sleep with our eyes closed.”

The town’s chief, Ahmadu Yau, also said it was a welcome development, saying one of his neighbours had been raped.

“People of Kwanar Dangora are so happy at this time and we hope justice will be served appropriately,” he said.

Police say they are drawing up the paperwork to charge the man in court