NDC communicators who attack Rawlings will be sanctioned – Kofi Adams

As the National Democratic Congress (NDC) works towards reconciliation, National Organiser of the party, Kofi Adams, has warned against verbal attacks on the party’s founder, Jerry John Rawlings.

Mr Adams said former President Rawlings remains “a huge tower “ and “the fountain of knowledge” in the party and urged the rank and file of the party to see him as a key factor in efforts to reorganise the party.

“I believe that those who have had verbal diarrhoea and gone on all kinds of attacks and talking anyhow [against Mr Rawlings]; such persons will have to be advised to cease or will not have to speak on behalf of the party…we are not going to tolerate such things,” he said. Kofi Adams made the remark on current affairs programme PM Express on the Joy News channel (Multi TV) Tuesday evening.

The current leadership of the main opposition party has been seeking to mend a broken relationship with the founder of the party, following scathing criticism he made against the party leadership before and during the 2016 general elections.

Former President Rawlings had, among other things, advocated for the current leaders of the party to be replaced, accusing them of lacking integrity.

His wife, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, could not stand what she has described as indiscipline and corruption in the party and has formed her own party, the National Democratic Party.

Some NDC communicators have sought to hit back at the Rawlingses with scalding remarks.

Mr Rawlings revealed on June 4 that he once contemplated leaving the party because of “very cruel insults and humiliations” against him.

However, recommendations of a committee that was tasked to unravel the cause of NDC’s defeat in the 2016 general election have mentioned peace-building as central to the party’s efforts to reorganise itself.

The Kwesi Botchwey Committee report said the party’s leadership must embark on a healing tour, an endeavour Kofi Adams has revealed Mr Rawlings will play a crucial part in.

Kofi Adams explained that those who have attacked the party’s founder have done so out of ignorance, adding “many of them either don’t understand where we have come from or need to realise that sometimes you need to go back and ask yourself what exactly he [Mr Rawlings] is saying.”

“This is someone [Rawlings] who will stand by you any day and any time insofar as you are not offending the truth,” Kofi Adams, a former aide of Mr Rawlings, said.

Source: joyonline