NCA to sanction telcos for unsolicited messages and calls

The National Communications Authority (NCA) has directed all mobile network operators (MNOs), value added service providers (VASPs) and content aggregators to desist from sending unsolicited messages and calls to consumers.

Consequently, the NCA says it will sanction any service provider who fails to adhere to the directive.

The Authority has therefore urged the public to report to their service provider any received messages not consented to.

Accordingly, the NCA says it is looking at developing a do-not-text/call (DNT/C) portal for subscribers to report and submit details of such complaints.

“The portal, when deployed, will allow consumers to input details of infringements so MN0s, who will be connected with it, can take the needed action. Details of the ONT/C will be announced later,” it said in an advertorial published in the Tuesday, 1 February 2022 edition of the Daily Graphic.

According to the Authority, it had noted with great concern complaints about the spate of unwanted calls and text messages sent to consumers.

It advised service providers to ensure that subscriptions to such services are a two-step process, adding that, there must be retention of the proof of consent from consumers.

The NCA said it had earlier directed the MNOs, VASPs and content aggregators to cease all auto/unconsented subscriptions of consumers and to curtail the transmission of all UECs and other marketing messages immediately.

“Prior to this directive, the NCA in collaboration with the Data Protection Commission had taken some measures to ensure that Advertisers/MNO, VASPs and Content Aggregators transmit Electronic Communications to only consumers who have consent to the service,” it said.

The NCA further urged the public to be cautious when sharing telephone numbers with strangers and at public events where there is no disclaimer notice openly published with regard to data/information protection.

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