My govt will abolish party manifesto culture – Ayariga

The flagbearer for the All People’s Congress Dr Hassan Ayariga has stated that should he win power his government will abolish the tradition of party manifestos.

This he says would be replaced with a national development plan that will cut across any new government that will come to power.

He explained that political parties would only be made to provide a manifesto tailored towards what specific part of the plan they wish to address coupled with the policy framework in the same regard.

Dr Ayariga made this declaration during the outdooring of his party’s ‘Nation’ manifest as well as his running mate

He said “politicians should stop bringing out manifestos. We do not want to see politicians with manifestos anymore because these are manifestos that are lies and promises that they cannot achieve.”

He went on “the national development plan will be the manifesto of Ghana. So, if you want to rule Ghana all you need to do is tell us that ‘this is our manifesto how do you intend to resource the manifesto or get us enough resources to be able to fulfill the national development plan.’”

“Because NDC will come and build something and leave it. NPP will come, abandon NDC projects, and start their own projects. We are wasting tax-payers money. So, when we have a national development plan, this will give us the blueprint of what we intend to do in the next 10years to 20 years. So, politicians will come, tell us how you are going to finance it. We don’t need your promises anymore, we don’t need your policies anymore.”

Dr Ayariga insisted that the APC has “a perfect picture of the roadmap of how we intend to develop our country from now till the next 20 years. So, that is an important plan that we must have, a roadmap for us to become developed and sustainable.”