Marwako manager gets out-of-court chance

In a last ditch effort to avoid the possibility of a jail term, Mawarko branch manager Jihad Chabaan standing trial for assaulting a caterer has secured an opportunity to settle out of court.

“My client Marwako wants to settle this thing and put this matter behind us. We don’t want to continue this whole fighting in court”, counsel for Mr. Chabaan told Joy News’ Joseph Ackah-Blay.

It is a priced opportunity for counsel for the Ghanaian-born Lebanese who faces jail time if the settlement is not done in time for the next and possibly final hearing, August 2.

Jihad is accused of dipping the face of 25-year-old Evelyn Boakye into blended pepper was arraigned on the charges of offensive conduct, assault and causing harm.

The alleged assault which happened last March, left social media engrossed in what is seen as another example of Ghanaian ill-treatment at the hands of foreigners even though records show the suspect is a Ghanaian.

After more than three months of trial in which the accused, accused the complaint of trying to get money from her employers, the closure of the matter Abeka-Lapaz District court had arrived.

The Magistrate, Victoria Ghansah was ready to deliver her judgment. Lawyer for Jihad led by Julio De Medeiros was up.

He said Marwako after trading arguments in court have been trading apologies out of court looking for an opportunity to smoke the peace pipe.

“While the matter was going on, the parties met with both counsels and started some settlement talks”

“We want to settle, the girl also wants to settle the matter”.

The counsel for the accused has been urging amicable settlement since April. But Police prosecutor, Chief Inspector Hanson Armah has been adamant.

Julio De Medeiros branded the assault a misdemeanor but the prosecution saw second-degree felony written all over the alleged attack which could attract a harsher jail term.

An out-of-court settlement attracts nothing – in jail terms.

Jihad Chaaban’s counsel has been at pains to point out that, Section 73 of the Courts Act allows for the settlement even in criminal trials.

“This is a matter that we think we can settle out of court…fortunately, we had the matter settled”. The terms of the settlement have been filed at the court on Monday, July 24.

Magistrate Ghansah on August 2, will decide whether the court will grant the request.

Source: JOyonline