Marwako Branch Manager pushes for out of court settlement

Lawyers for Marwako supervisor, Jihad Chaaban, who is in court for allegedly assault of a female worker, are pushing for a private settlement of the issue.Lead counsel for the accused, Julio De Medeiros, told an Accra Magistrate’s court Thursday their position is in line with Section 73 of the Courts Act which promotes reconciliation.The section states that: “Any court, with criminal jurisdiction may promote reconciliation, encourage and facilitate a settlement in an amicable manner of any offence not amounting to felony.”Mr Medeiros said managers of the company would like to continue to work with the victim, Evelyn Boakye, because she is hard working.

But Tesano Police Chief Inspector, Hanson Armah, who is leading the prosecution team, has strongly opposed the application.

He argued the issue could not be settled out of court because one of the charges leveled against the accused is causing harm, which he said is a second degree felony.Mr Armah told the Presiding judge Victoria Ghansah any decision to grant an out of court settlement will fly in the face of Section 73 of the Court Act.

The court has scheduled Monday to give its ruling on the matter, Joy News’ Joseph Ackah-Blay who was in court has reported.

Mr Chaaban is facing three charges of assault, offensive conduct and causing harm after he alleged assaulted Ms Boakye on February 26.

He is reported to have dipped the victim’s face into pepper sauce in a manner described by some workers as “mercilessly.”

He allegedly hurled insults at Ms Boakye in Lebanese language, a colleague had told the media.

The Ghanaian-born Lebanese was arrested by the Tesano Police following public outcry over the incident.

Mr Chaaban has pleaded not guilty to the three charges, saying he did not manhandle the victim as has been reported in the media.

His lawyers had suggested Ms Boakye made the story up in order to extort money from the company.

Source: myjoyoline