Man dies on 33,000-volt high tension pole

A dead man has been found hanging on a 33,000-volt high tension pylon at Aboabo in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital.

Residents there woke up Tuesday morning to the spectacle of a man hanging from the pole.

They believe he is part of some cable-stealing syndicate whose activities often lead to intermittent power cuts in the community.

A resident told Luv News, they saw bright sparks at about 2am and went out to investigate the cause. The man whose name was given as Fatau was hanging precariously on the highly lethal metal structure.”He was begging and promising us, he will give us some money if we brought him down”, Bashir, a resident told LUV Fm’s Erastus Asare Donkor.

The man became silent moments later; he had been electrocuted.

At about 8am, the regional crime unit, fire service personnel and a team from the Electricity Company of Ghana were working to bring down the body.

Police say the crime scene has been disturbed by the number of people trooping there but they will be conducting a search on the body to establish the connection to allegations of stealing.

Two gloves believed to have been used to climb the pole were found lying at the foot of the pole.

A heavy jacket also hanging close to the body on the pole was retrieved.