NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF JESUS!!! Just a day of forgetting Jesus, Joseph and Mary had to learn the lesson of focusing on Jesus Christ the hard way (Luke 2:41-47).

It took them three days before finding Him.

This happened when they paid the passover visit.

Listen to what Mrs. E.G. White says on losing sight of Jesus, “By one day’s neglect they lost the Saviour; but it cost them three days of anxious search to find Him.

So with us; by idle talk, evilspeaking, or neglect of prayer, we may in one day lose the Saviour’s presence, and it may take many days of sorrowful search to find Him, and regain the peace that we have lost.

In our association with one another, we should take heed lest we forget Jesus, and pass along unmindful that He is not with us.

When we become absorbed in worldly things so that we have no thought for Him in whom our hope of eternal life is centered, we separate ourselves from Jesus and from the heavenly angels.

These holy beings cannot remain where the Saviour’s presence is not desired, and His absence is not marked. This is why discouragement so often exists among the professed followers of Christ.

Focus on Jesus Christ, be constant in your prayer life and Bible studies.

Never let anything turn your attention from Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12). God bless you.

Pastor Raymond David ADDO (St Ray)