Kidnapped’ girl rescued

A 17-year old girl who had gone missing on Monday upon leaving home to go and pay her school fees and trim her hair, has been reunited with her family.

An aunt of the 17-year old student Sonrise Christian High School, Ms. Beatrice Dzorvakpor, reported to the Ho Police command the case of her missing niece on Monday January 21, and presented evidence of a Whatsapp conversation between her and someone else using her niece’s phone who did not demand a ransom.

“They said that I should not worry and that she is safe and I should cooperate with them so they do not harm her. I panicked because I thought they were going to kill her, but I lodged the complaint with the police nonetheless,” she narrated.

Narrating her ordeal, the student said,

“…I stopped by the road to board a taxi and i saw a new taxi with the back glass tainted. When I entered the car, I greeted and the men asked me why I greeted …. and the person sitting in front of the car crawled to the back and sat beside me I didn’t remember what happened again.  The next time I woke up, I was tied to a chair with cotton in my mouth and blood all over me and I spat it out and asked where I was and where my parents were . …. I heard them talking about some sacrifice but I didn’t get the last name of the chief they were mentioning.”

She said she was asked to draw the pattern on her phone which she could not do immediately, but tried to open it after some threats. She said the man then engaged her Aunt in a chat her and promised to help her out of the place.

“He told me he will help me and he asked me to go and take a shower while he went out to get me some stuff. … he then blindfolded me and led me into a car and the next time the blind fold was removed, I realized we were at Tsito Awudome, I saw the school signpost and then he gave me my phone to chat a friend of mine…”.

She said the man drove her all the way to Aflao and when she requested to alight at  Makavo in Aflao, the benevolent kidnapper refused to let her alight but drove her to a place where she could meet her friend whom she was chatting along the way.

Police say they have successfully reunited Marriam with her family based in Ho, but have not yet concluded investigations, and thus cannot describe the indecent as a kidnap.