Keta Hospital Adjudged the Best Hospital in the Volta Region three consecutive times

Built in the year 1926 as the first Hospital in the Southern Volta, Keta Municipal Hospital (formerly known as Keta Government Hospital) obviously stands at a very tall height among her sisters hospitals, leading them with exemplary virtues and excellent accomplishments.

The Hospital was adjudged THE BEST HOSPITAL IN THE VOLTA REGION for three (3) consecutive times in three (3) consecutive years (2014, 2015, and 2016, respectively) in the annual peer review scheme, an unprecedented victory that has gone into the History books of the region.

In a grand durbar chaired by the King of the Anloland, Awomefia Torgbui Sri III, the people of Anlo and Staff of the No.1 Hospital marked the serial victory in Friday 21st February, 2018. Dr. Kwesi Asare Bediako, the medical superintendent of the Hospital used the opportunity to appreciate workers, former workers of the Hospital as well as the Anlo Traditional Council for their support that made the facility the BEST among the REST. He emphatically added that the victory of the hospital did not come without challenges, adding that the hospital truly is under resourced in terms of mechanized workers and equipments. The nurses are very few, most casual workers are being paid by the Hospital and not government, yet hard work was what pushed the Hospital distances ahead of others in the midst of scanty resources.

His Majesty Torgbui Sri III before his remark was ushered in by singing of the Anlo Anthem by the Staff of the Hospital.  In his remark, Torgbui recounted instances where he personally observed the hard work of the nurses in the facility. On one particular occasion, according to him, he was completely astonished at the commitment with which the nurses rushed helter skelter to save the life a patient who was near death right under his eyes. He proudly praised the nurses as well as other Health workers and encouraged them to stay committed to their work.

The Ghana Registered Nurses & Midwives Association (GRNMA) in the Keta District made use of the event to appreciate the Former Nurse Manager, Madam Constance Korkpa, the Nurse Manager under whom the serial success was registered by the Hospital. Under her leadership, the Hospital has recorded 100% in Matron 360 assessment successively for three years and still counting.

The unprecedented victory was marked with a monument in the forecourt of the Hospital. The monument was proudly unveiled by the King of the Anloland, Torgbui Sri III.

Israelmore Ayivor, reporting for NewsBos