Ivor Greenstreet nearly mauled by sharks in Bahamas – Video

The CPP’s Ivor Greenstreet was nearly mauled by sharks while scuba diving in the Bahamas, a footage of the horrifying incident sighted by StarrFMonline.com has shown.

The chilling video shows divers in a desperate effort to save the Ghanaian politician from the wild sea creatures.

Confirming the incident, Greenstreet said the situation was so dreadful experts had to immediately feed the sharks with dead fish to shift their focus from him while they explored ways to save him.

“I’ve been away in the Bahamas for a while now, to help a friend out in the Election over there.

“At a point I went scuba diving and ended up in a shark frenzy Jesus! They had to feed the sharks dead fish to divert attention and get me out. Scuba diving is such a great sport, and thank God I made it out to tell the story,” Mr. Greenstreet wrote on his Facebook wall.

The lawyer who is still in the Bahamas led the Convention Peoples Party in the 2016 elections that saw the main opposition party’s candidate Nana Akufo-Addo beating incumbent John Mahama of the National Democratic Congress to become President.

Source: starrfmonline