Is Due Diligence a Card-Bearing Member of the NDC?

Dear Due Diligence,
It’s been a while. I hope you and your brother common sense are doing well under this clueless government. I have noticed with concern that you and your brother seem to dislike the NPP.

In 2004, you looked away and allowed the government to sign the CNTCI loan agreement without you. We later found out that No. 150 Hammersmith Road, the address given in the loan agreement is a hairdressing salon.

On 7th January, 2017, you stood aloof and allowed Nana Akufo Addo to deliver a cocktail of plagiarized speeches confidently. The Communication Director at the Presidency took responsibility and apologized to the good people of Ghana.

You again allowed the President to give an Executive Approval to a renegotiated Ameri deal. It turned out the so-called renegotiated deal was a disaster. This led to the axing of Hon. Boakye Agyarko who’s dust is still yet to settle.

You also led this government to introduce the luxury tax. They claimed they were “thinking outside the box” and ignored all warnings. They swam in the mud for a while and then announced that they have scrapped the tax.

I read last night that the government has suspended its contract with PDS and has asked ECG to resume the distribution of power. This government was warned severally not to go ahead with the deal because PDS does not have the capacity to manage ECG. They went ahead to sign the deal and have turned around to tell us that after some “due diligence” they have realized they made an error.

All the above got me thinking, maybe due diligence is a card bearing member of the National Democratic Congress. I can’t simply phantom why this government is in a hurry to go into deals and then rescind their decision, then expect us to hail them as a “listening government”.

This year has been dubbed as “the year of retunr” (pun intended). Kindly return and assist this government run the country efficiently.

I’m urgently waiting for your response.
Yours sincerely,
Alfred Mortey